Booking your spot

How long is each session?

Each booking starts on the hour, for an hour. Not all dogs can handle that much excitement (nor their humans), so it’s up to you whether you and your dog’s stay the full time, but you’re more the welcome to stay the full hour as it’s reserved for you.

What is the layout like?

Dogs are split into two zones:

  • Small dog zone – 5 dogs per hour
  • Large dog zone – 5 dogs per hour

There is a human zone in the middle so some distance remains between them.

What do the play areas contain?

Each play area is different, but similar. Both contain tunnels, ball pits, ramps, high jump, a bath and more.

The layout of the zones will be mixed around throughout the event.

How do I book?

If you’d like to book a specific event such as a night for your breed or maybe to try your luck meeting a suitably single dog owner, head to our events page where you’ll find a booking link.

Otherwise if you’re just trying to book a typical spot at Scratch Patch, head to our booking page where you can book a spot for each of your dogs.

How much is it?

Free for some, and $10 for most.

Scratch Patch is free for all Scratch customers (including new ones who discover us and give our food a crack).

It’s also free for City of Yarra Residents to say thanks for hosting us, and because we’re born and bred in the area ourselves.

For everyone else, it’s $10 per dog.

I’m eligible for a free ticket. How do I claim it?

If you live in the City of Yarra, checkout will recognise your post code and apply your booking for free. Just bring your ID on the day to verify.

If you’re a Scratch customer, you will have been emailed the code to enter at checkout, or you can find it via your account page.

How many dogs can I bring?

Scratch Patch limits bookings to 10 dogs per time slot – 5 in the small dog zone (under 15kg) and 5 in the larger dog zone (over 15kg).

You can technically book all 10 slots, but if you have 10 dogs, we have so many questions…

How many people per dog?

Each booking can include up to 3 people at no extra cost.

Is there a discount for multiple dogs?

Right now, no. But our tech team are working on it to make all subsequent dogs half price.

Are all dog breeds allowed?

All dogs are allowed, provided they meet the Scratch Patch requirements for vaccination, health and behaviour.

  • Must have excellent social skills. Puppy owners with early developing social skills can book one of our puppy events.
  • No dogs in heat.
  • All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations. Sadly that means no puppies who haven’t had their final vaccinations (typically 14-16 weeks).

We do not recommend Scratch Patch for dogs that feel stressed by the company of others dogs or humans, or being in a park environment.

Greyhounds: We welcome them provided the owner knows their play and activity well, but we don’t believe Scratch Patch to be suited to their style of play.

Is Scratch Patch staffed on the day of my booking?

We will have staff there at all times to make sure that things go smoothly. If you have any concerns such as whether your dog is more suited to either play area, you can raise it with them on entry or during your booking.

Please note though that your dogs behaviour (including any injury – caused to others, by others or during play) is your own responsibility as at a typical dog park. For more information, see our booking waiver & terms which you must agree to in order to book your Scratch Patch session.

Can I cancel or exchange my ticket?

Sure can. We’ll refund any paid tickets that are cancelled, though this will be done manually by the Scratch team each week. Just reply back to your booking confirmation email.

Where is it?

Edinburgh Gardens you say? Where is that?

Scratch Patch is in the middle of Edinburgh Gardens, in Fitzroy North on St Georges road.

Where exactly in Edinburgh Gardens?

Scratch Patch is smack bang in the middle, next to the basketball court and public toilets. Technically it’s within the off-leash dog park area also, so old mate can roam around if you get there early. Just save some energy for Scratch Patch.

How can I get there?

The following transport lines have routes that pass near Edinburgh Gardens

What should I bring?

Will there be drinking water?

We’ll have refillable bowls (our beautiful new Gummi x Scratch ones of course) on site and there is drinking water and dog-friendly taps on the community building next to Scratch Patch. Humans must bring their own water, sorry.

Can I buy Scratch food or dog treats?

We’ll have plenty of delicious Scratch food for them to try, but none available for purchase on site.

We will have a tuck shop full of our 100% natural dog treats though.

Are there free poo bags?

Yes – we’ll have lots of our biodegradable dog poo bags free for any clean ups.

What about a leash?

While dogs can be off leash once in their play area, please ensure that they arrive on leash so that they can meet other dogs in a more safe and controlled environment (for you, and them).

Is there somewhere for my dog to clean and dry off?

Unfortunately not, so if your dog likes to play in the water, bring a towel.

While your dogs play

Are there toilets?

Not within Scratch Patch, but we are situated right next to the park public toilets that are kept in good condition.

Is there food or coffee?

No. We didn’t want to take away from the amazing local businesses just outside of the park – like Piccante for a coffee, Billy van Creamy for some ice cream or Just Falafs for some lunch.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Sure! Humans are separated from dogs so you shouldn’t get hounded as soon as you whip out a sanga.

What about alcohol?

Edinburgh Gardens allows alcohol to be consumed between 9am and 9pm.

Is there any rain cover?

While Scratch Patch is outdoors, we will have several large umbrellas on site.

Is there seating?

Yes, but seating is limited.

Is it accessible?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in their dogs play. We are situated on the grass though (about 10 metres from the concrete footpath). Please let us know ahead of your booking if you have any particular concerns and we’ll make sure we’re able to accomodate every possible situation.

If it’s a rainy day, will Scratch Patch still go ahead?

Sure will. Scratch Patch operates rain, hail or shine.

Covid & safety

Do you have a Covid-safe plan?

Yes, and due to the nature of this event (limited numbers, large area and no central huddled location), only current state regulations apply.

Do I have to be vaccinated?

No, just your dog. State government rules apply as per any outdoor event or activity.

Do I have to wear a mask or check in?

You will be required to check in upon arrival. Masks are advised if you expect to be in close proximity to others, but not required beyond state government rules.

Oops, I got Covid. Can I cancel and get a refund?

Of course. Just let us know if you have any troubles, otherwise follow the cancellation link in your booking confirmation email.

Still have questions?

Send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.