Where dogs can be dogs

The most fun you’ll have with your dog in Melbourne this March

Dog friendly… dogs welcome…Pff! Old mate deserves better than that. At Scratch Patch, dogs are more than welcome. They come first.

With dedicated zones for small fries and big boys, your woofer can enjoy an experiential play park that’s fun, safe, and shamelessly insta-worthy.

Wait, we haven’t even introduced ourselves yet. Where are our manners? We’re Scratch – makers of damn good dog food. Food that 20,000 Aussie dogs love and rely on. We’re born and bred in Melbourne. And got pretty tired of chasing our tails during lockdown after lockdown. 

So, to say thanks for keeping us all going through isolation, we’ve created the ultimate outdoor dreamland for dogs. Complete with treats for them and you.

Book your spot in advance. Bring your dog. Pack some cold bevvies. We’ll provide the poo bags, dog treats and good times. Come and remember what getting social feels like.

Excited puppy

For your adventurous best mate

They can dig, sniff some butts and get down and dirty to their tail’s content. Or chill in our doggy paddle pools.

Jumping Viszla

High performance pups

Get their Olympic qualifying time up on the agility course, make the perfect selection in our stick library or show off their sick tricks.


Timid tots

Got a shy guy or new pup on your hands? Has Covid left you with no furry compadres? Only five dogs are permitted in each zone at any given time making it a managed fun space for even the biggest scaredy cats dogs.

Senior hour

Senior friendly

It's not all athletics around Scratch Patch. Does your old boy have achy joints and can't keep up with the young whippets? They can let their grey hairs come out to play with the more chilled play activities.

Scratch logo

Honestly good dog food 🐶

Since 2018, Scratch has been delivering premium kibble made from whole veggies, locally-sourced protein, plenty of fibre to keep the pipes flowing and healthy oils for skin and brain health. Now, 20,000 dogs Australia-wide eat Scratch morning and night (and dream about us in between).

Haven't seen us anywhere before? Yeah, you won't find us in pet food stores. We're online only so we can spend more cashola on better ingredients, free shipping – and bonkers dog park pop-ups. Our team are bonafide experts in dog health and dog worshipping and will be onsite for pats, chats and dishin' out Scratch.

Is your dog's food up to Scratch?

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