A dog's dreamland, made real

An outrageous pop-up play park for Melbourne's good dogs and the humans who feed them.

Now closed. Til next time...
March 5 - 27, 2022
Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North
Open 8am - 8pm daily

Melbourne dog park
Excited puppy

For your adventurous best mate

They can dig, sniff some butts and get down and dirty to their tail's content. Or chill in our doggy paddle pools.

Jumping Viszla

High performance pups

Get their Olympic qualifying time up on the agility course, make the perfect selection in our stick library or show off their sick tricks.


Timid tots

Got a shy guy or new pup on your hands? Has Covid left you with no furry compadres? Only five dogs are permitted in each zone at any given time making it a managed fun space for even the biggest scaredy cats dogs.

Senior hour

Senior friendly

It's not all athletics around Scratch Patch. Does your old boy have achy joints and can't keep up with the young whippets? They can let their grey hairs come out to play with the more chilled play activities.

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for the furry compadres that kept Melbourne going through lockdown.

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